French Style

French style is world famous and emulated across the globe for good reason – French women are born into a culture that encourages good style. They are experts. From a young age French girls are taught to love themselves and reflect who they are by how they dress and present themselves to the world. Never have we met a French woman who aspires to be anything but herself!

French style is more of an attitude or state of mind. A French woman is always first, never second. This is not selfish, but intelligent.  She has too much self-respect not to care about her appearance. She knows strong points and does not focus on her ‘less desirable’ attributes. Very important!  Confidence is key.
She is more interested in what suits her than what is on the runways. She studies fashion, but doesn’t feel compelled to follow it slavishly.  French women appreciate the beauty of simplicity. Less is always more. They embrace the essence of luxury – quality trumps quantity.

Break down the style rules of the best dressed French women and their style rules begin to crystalize. The French lady follows a few golden rules, but she likes to transgress, too. Its part of the philosophy. Golden rules come in the form of the “French wardrobe” concept. This is made up of eight core French basics around which you create your wardrobe before adding your own personal touch .French wardrobe philosophy focuses on the concept of curating the direction of your wardrobe. It does not prescribe your chosen look. From head to toe, nothing must ever be too perfect, and that in itself is the perfect French style philosophy!

It will help you cultivate a wardrobe that feels true to your aesthetic and stand the test of passing fads and seasons. The result is less money spent on items you don’t really need, less frustrating time spent trying to figure out what to wear, and a newfound feeling of deep satisfaction with your wardrobe.
Work to perfect a style that is unique to you so that you always feel good in what you are wearing. Just because you may not be French, doesn’t mean you can’t dress like you are.

French style philosophy results in you wearing the best accessories of all – confidence and a smile!

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